Our Team

Productive | Resourceful | Dynamic

Our team is one every company strives to emulate.  We are diverse and every individual brings something to the table.  If we don’t think we have the answer, we know where to find it.  This crew is ready to help grow your client base with the highest integrity.




    Ervis is the President of 3MK INC. Since he was 15 years old with he has been devoted to the customer service industry and has acquired experience in multiple fields, such as retail, hospitality, food and beverage, restaurant management, and nightlife entertainment. After attending Suffolk University and gaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management he decided to pursue entrepreneurship from the ground level. The last 5 years his biggest focus has been in the customer acquisition and retention for Fortune 500 and 100 telecommunication clients. Has developed a passion for training, developing and mentoring people to achieve their goals. He is a strong believer that “personal success comes from helping others to reach their success and is committed to perpetuate the opportunities he was given to as many people as humanly possible”. Lastly his vision for the company is to become a industry leader not only in the US but also expand internationally in the next decade.


    HR Manager

      Steve was born and Florida and moved to Rhode Island when he was only 5. He genuinely enjoys meeting and helping others, so it was only natural that he gravitated to a role in sales and Human Resources. He started his journey at 3MK, Inc in the entry level position as an intern and decided to pursue other opportunities in the banking and car sales when his internship was complete. Over the years, he built a great relationship with Ervis and ultimately was offered the Managerial role in Human Resources. “I love my position because I get to meet new people on a daily basis and provide a real opportunity for fun work environment where one can grow, learn new things, and build ever lasting relationships. In my free time I spend time with my family and friends, playing video games to pass quarantine. I’m hope to continue impacting people’s lives while growing myself as well.”


      Team Leader

        “Just do it  ”

        Born in Indonesia, Glen grew up in Queens NY.  He earned his BA in Psychology from CUNY Hunter College, class of 2019.  Glen played for the Hunter College Men’s Volleyball program and has always been a team player.  He enjoys working and collaborating with others to get the job done.

        “As soon as I stepped foot to 3MK, Inc, it completely changed the trajectory of my life.  The best part of coming to work is walking in a room filled with other ambitious, hardworking and like-minded individuals who only want the best for themselves.  As a team leader, it is my duty to lead by example; setting the pace in the field and passing down the right habits to prosper a flourishing business.”

        He is a strong believer in setting the right intention everyday with goals and gratitude. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  This quote resonates with Glen, because taking the small and simple steps every day to get 1% better adds up and compounds over time.  In his free time Glen enjoys working out, playing basketball and is a competitive international ballroom dancer.


        Team Leader

          “Every generation has the obligation to look out at a higher plateau than the Last generation ”

          Born and raised in Bourne MA, Luke grew up as an exceptional athlete who ultimately decided against a collegiate soccer career to pursue a medical degree.  As a natural ‘outside the box’ thinker who constantly wants to expand his world view, by the time his junior year at Fairfield University rolled around, his entrepreneurial spirit took over and he committed himself to the business route.  With aspirations to build his own business and develop a sizable real estate portfolio, he had difficulty finding a work environment with like minded co-workers who wanted and understood the need to take charge of his own success and not be limited by a simple job title.
          “Here at 3MK, I’ve found ambitious co-workers who have quickly turned into friends and mentors. The freedom and opportunities are exactly what an entrepreneur craves, with the basic work structure that relieves the pressure of starting from scratch yourself.  I’m most grateful for my opportunity to pass along a similar mindset to fellow co-workers, and emphasize that anything you want to accomplish is possible through commitment, hard work and the convincing believe that you’ll get there.”